Gov Yahaya Bello endorses protests against Police brutality

Kogi State Governor,Yahaya Bello has declared support for the protests across the country demanding an end SARS brutality.

According to him, the outrage will help seek an end to the brutal conduct of tactical units of the force against citizens, adding that it is a worthy cause that must be supported by all.

But Governor Bello also warned protesting youths against taking laws into their hands and advised them to avoid violent confrontations with the police under any guise weather during the protests or in any circumstance.

He insisted that it is the unprofessional conduct of only a small percentage of security officers that has tainted the image of the police and government.

Governor Bello revealed that he had cause in the past to order the arrest and prosecution of security officers whose misconduct and brutality led to injury or death of innocent citizens in the state.

He said it is time to work as actively as possible to foster mutual respect between law enforcement and citizens in every policing situation bearing in mind that cooperation always works better than conflict.

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