COVID-19:Brazil’s daily death toll exceeds 4,000 for the first time

Daily death toll from the Coronavirus in Brazil exceeded over 4,000 on Tuesday, making it the first time the country will surpass its daily threshold.

Brazil’s most populous and 46 million inhabitants, the state of São Paulo has recorded the latest number of deaths of about 1,400.

Health officials said the numbers were partly due to the Easter holidays and delayed counting.

Many governors, mayors and judges have reopened part of the economy in some parts of the country, despite the turmoil in overcrowded hospitals and the collapsed health care system.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has said that 4,195 people have died in the last 24 hours and that the country’s pandemic casualties are rapidly approaching 340,000, the second highest in the world.

Local governments across the country claim that the number of cases and hospitalizations are declining one week after the partial closure.

COVID-19 patients use more than 90% of intensive care unit beds in most states in Brazil, but numbers have been stable since last week. Still, hundreds are dying because they are waiting for care, and basic supplies such as oxygen and sedatives are in short supply in some states.

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