I caught my wife having sex with her lover in our bed —Husband

Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has ended the 12-year-old wedlock between a couple, Marian Adewuyi and Saheed Adewuyi.

Marian who dragged her husband to court accused him of abandoning his duties in the home.

She stated that Saheed apart from selling her goods without her consent also destroyed her property.

She added that he was in the habit of beating her.

The plaintiff told the court that she was no longer in love with her husband and thus prayed that it separate them.

She further appealed to the court to grant her custody of their three children.

Saheed acceded to divorce.

According to him, Marian was wayward.

The defendant told the court that he caught his wife in bed with another man.

He added that at another time, he came across her nude pictures and that of her lover on her mobile phone.

Saheed begged the court not to award Marian custody of their children because, according to him she had no time for them.

Giving her evidence, Marian told the court that: “My husband is not caring. He’s not interested in my welfare and that of our children.

“Saheed gave me and our three children only N200 for food. The more I complain, the worse became his uncaring attitude towards us.

“My husband apart from starving us never stopped beating me. He would wrongly accuse me and then descend on me with blows thus disfiguring my face.

“I got fed up one day with the way he maltreating me and moved out of his house.

“I was out of his house for four years and four months. He kept begging me to return but I was adamant because I knew he would never change.

“I later gave in to his plea because I was concerned about the wellbeing of our children,” the plaintiff explained.

Marian added, “My lord, on my return, I discovered Saheed had sold the goods I left in my room. He told me he used the proceeds to feed our children.

“He said he wanted more children after the three we already had and insisted I got pregnant but I refused because he has failed me and our children as husband, father and breadwinner.

“Saheed took to accusing me of dating a police officer. He would beat me to a pulp and then destroy my belongings.

“My lord, the height of it was when Saheed implicated me in an issue involving a money lender. He connived with the man to lie that I stole his money and humiliated me by ordering the man to strip me naked. According to him, I was likely to have kept the money in my pant.

“My lord, Saheed is irresponsible and I’m always at the receiving end. I no longer love him and therefore appeal to the court to separate us.

“I, in addition request that the court grant me custody of our three children. They are still young and need my motherly care,” she stated.

Saheed in his testimony explained that, “Marian dragged me to court because she has no shame. I’m also through with our marriage. Marian is nothing but a slut.”

“I once caught her  having sex with her lover in our room. I reported her lover, who is a policeman, to his senior. It was during interrogation that I learnt that Marian had for long been sleeping with him at the police barracks where he was residing.

“Marian aborted her lover’s pregnancy three times while still under my roof.

“Her lover was redeployed after interrogation. Marian also moved out of my house and went with him. They were both living together and she deceived their neighbours by telling them she has never had any children.

“Marian’s parents were against her shameful act and pleaded with me to take her back. I agreed mainly because of our children.

“She refused to have sex with me when she returned to my home and was in the habit of discussing with her lover on phone.

“My lord, I went through Marian’s phone and was shocked at what I saw. On her phone were nude pictures of herself and this policeman. I saved the pictures on my phone. (He tendered them as proof before the court.)

“Marian has since been threatening to deal with me. She says her lover is a MOPOL officer.

“My lord, I care for our children because they are dear to me.

“I pray that the court grant me custody of our children because she doesn’t have time for them,” the defendant said.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade stated that it was obvious that their relationship had broken down completely.

Ruling, Odunade pronounced their marriage dissolved.

He awarded custody of their three children to the defendant and ordered that he give the plaintiff N2, 000 to pack her property from his house.



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