Did Obi Cubana’s Mother Ever See Or Spend A Bundle Of Crisp Naira Notes In Her Lifetime?-Abati Queries

Obi Cubana and Reuben Abati

Top Nigerian journalist and former Presidential aide, Reuben Abati, has asked if the late mother of Igbo billionaire, Obi Cubana ever saw, handled or spent a bundle of crisp Naira notes when she was alive.

The journalist, in a write up on Wednesday, also wondered why nothing was heard of Obi Cubana’s family members during the much talked about burial.

“Does he even have siblings or extended family members?
” he queried.

Abati raised many issues concerning the lavish funeral that took place in Oba, Anambra State, last weekend including how Obi Cubana made such money and how much tax he pays to the Nigerian government.

“Obi Cubana has every right to bury his mother the way he wants. But who is he? How did he make his money? How much tax does he pay to the Nigerian government?

“I am not sure half of the people at the event even know who Cubana’s mother was,” he wrote.

“What kind of person was she? How did she relate within the community? Did she ever see, handle, spend, a bundle of crisp Naira notes in her lifetime?

“Who are Obi Cubana’s family members? Does he even have siblings or extended family members?”

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