Sack NDDC IMC now, Niger Delta activists tell Buhari

By Mike Odiegwu, Port Harcourt

The Niger Delta Rights Advocates (NDRA) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to sack the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The NDRA in a statement signed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Thursday by its Spokesperson, Darlighton Nwauju, said the order by the Federal High Court, Abuja, had made it expedient for the President to act immediately.

The statement said: “With the express orders of court, it behooves on the Executive arm led by President Muhammadu Buhari to firm up his anti-corruption battle to clean up the almost 20 years of misapplication and misappropriation of funds by the development agency.

“The Presidential order for a forensic audit in October of 2019, received wide public acclaim. However, the iniquitous thirst to deep hands into the public till left the IMCs that should have supervised the forensic audit, caught in the corruption web.

“The order of Justice Ahmed is welcome as the NDRA sees this as a golden opportunity to set the Agency in the right path of having a substantive board and probing the numerous corruptions allegations levelled against the IMCs that held sway since October 2019 till the yesterday.

“We believe the Pondei IMC was willfully corrupt, inept and lacked ideas on what to do with such a delicate and strategic agency, and so, it is only advisable to discontinue with a bunch of totally inexperienced and unpatriotic fellows sitting at the helm.”

The NDRA called on Buhari to keep to his promise of change by obeying court order; refusing all forms of political maneuverings and gamesmanship adding that Buhari should ask the Prof Pondei-team to hand over to the most senior civil servant at the commission pending the inauguration of a new board.

“Again and most importantly, the President should subject the over eight months tenure of Prof Pondei to forensic audit and prosecute all corrupt officials masquerading as NDDC officials forthwith without any delays.”

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