Party washes hand of planned Exco inauguration

By AbdulGafar Alabelewe, Kaduna

Action Alliance Party (AAP) has washed its hand of any plan to inaugurate what it called ‘a non-existent EXCO’ of the party by expelled National Chairman of the Party, Kenneth Udeze.

The National Chairman of Action Alliance, Adekunle Rufai OmoAje stated this in a statement made available to reporters in Kaduna yesterday.

The statement said the expelled Chairman’s odyssey is futile for the reason that he has been suspended from the party since August 2019 and expelled from the party in 2020. Hence, he is not a member of the Action Alliance.

The statement further said the kangaroo executive, he latched on to commit all sorts of atrocities seized to exist since his suspension and expulsion from the party.

“In his desperation, he sued the party in 13 different courts all over Nigeria. He lost nine while all the rest has become an academic exercise.

“He continues to try and correspond with  the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), for which he meets a resounding no because he has no such authority as he has no official status with the umpire who knows those in charge of each political parties in Nigeria and Kenneth Udeze is not one of them.

“We, therefore, wish to inform the public that Kenneth Udeze is not a member of Action Alliance, let alone being the chairman.

“Members of the public are hereby warned that they should not allow Kenneth Udeze to scam them as that is his modus operandi.  Anyone paying monies to Kenneth Udeze to contest any election, does so at his or her own risk,” the statement said.

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