How to ensure security, by monarch

By Emmanuel Oladesu


In Ekiti monarch, Oba Babatola Oladele (Ekitikalesibe), has described security as  joint responsibility of the government and the governed.

Oba Oladele, Olupole of Ipole-Iloro in Ekiti West Local Government Area, also said that the growing insecurity across the nooks and crannies of the country should be investigated to determine the extend of involvement by natives who aid and abet criminality.

The monarch said in Lagos that the people can tackle insecurity, if they support the government with the required intelligence.

Noting that elements outside the Sourhwest are involved in kidnapping, raping and maiming, he said it is possible that some unscrupulous natives also indulge in these vices.

Oba Oladele said: “The security situation is so bad. Nigerians are afraid. It is not safe to travel again. Kidnapping is a serious issue. Many people believe it is only done by herdsmen. It is my belief that it cuts across, although in the Southwest, majority  of the people caught are criminal herdsmen.

“We are imploring the security agencies to restrategise because the country is no more safe for people to travel. The issue of security should not be politicised. We should not think that the perpetrators are from one tribe. We should stop ethnic profiling.”

The monarch also spoke on Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, saying that what he stands for has been misunderstood.

He said the activist was only fighting criminals and not people involved in legitimate business.

Oba Oladele added: “In Ekiti, we have many herdsmen who are doing their legitimate business. They are not kidnappers. So, we cannot tell those people to leave our domain because they have been with us for years. It is like the order given by the Ondo State government. Only criminals are targeted.”


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