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I magine a male chauvinist, or even outright misogynist, thrashed by women?  The ultimate humiliation, wouldn’t you say?

That is the fate of Donald J. Trump, the 45th US president, yesterday booted from power, virtually screaming and screeching!

Everyone knows of the titanic clash of Trump and US House of Representatives Speaker, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi.  The other day, at a State of the Union address at the Capitol, Trump snubbed a handshake from Pelosi, leaving Madam Speaker’s hand hanging, mid-air, in un-congressional embarrassment.

One never to allow such a public spite to slide, Pelosi ripped Trump’s speech, in the full glare of frenzied cameras, claiming the speech was as useless as its empty giver, Mr. President!

But that was even after Madam Speaker had awarded Mr. President mock clapping, with a derisive sliding her two palms — all the three gestures, Trump’s original slight and Pelosi’s twin-response in kind, made media headlines after!

So, you can imagine Pelosi’s utmost satisfaction to oversee Trump’s unprecedented twin-impeachment, within a single, four-year presidential term!  If the first was happenstance, the second was plain dumb, coming off a Trump-powered Capitol mob!

Pelosi may yet see to Trump’s dubious record of being the first impeached US President to be convicted, though after leaving office; and banished from any future public office, aside from forfeiture of all post-office benefits!  How art the mighty — sorry, misogynist — fallen!

Still, the unkindest cut of all might be the Trump loss of the Georgia battle of the street — Trump the unfazed general of the American political streets, with his zombie-like mob of hoi-polloi Republican fanatics!

Again, his arch conqueror was — double horror of horrors — a certain Black woman and Atlanta grassroots mobilizer and Yale Law School alumna, Stacey Yvonne Abrams!

Stacey, Stacey! That’s one Amazon Trump and his MAGA army won’t forget in a hurry!  At the end of “hostilities”, Georgia had returned its most unlikely pair of senators ever: an African-American — and a Martin Luther King disciple to boot! — Raphael Warnock; and a Jewish American, Jon Ossof — mere 33 years, and the youngest Democratic senator, since the 30-year old Joe Biden’s feat of 1973!

Trump rumbled into town, mouthing his accustomed profanities and inanities: spewing personal grudges on his own failed re-election, instead of promoting the doomed senatorial duo; and traducing the Georgia governor and Secretary of State, for doing their electoral duty by law; and wondering who the hell was this upstart called Stacey.

Abrams, on the other hand, crested a 10-year electoral work by rallying Black votes for her two Democratic candidates, as if the voters’ lives depended on the outcome.  When the result came, the difference was clear — to parody the famous 7-up commercial!

History would record: Trump, amoral male chauvinist and garrulous misogynist, was undone by the very same female folks he loved, with a swagger, to belittle, in the most crucial political battles of his life!

Male chauvinist thrashed by “mere” women?  Sweet, isn’t that?

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