UK-based Nurse Relays Experience With COVID-19 Patients


A Nigerian nurse based in the United Kingdom, Mrs Esther Osemwegie, has put her experience while handling COVID-19 patients during the pandemic, in a new book titled: “Called For Such A Time As This”.

The new book is based on the experience of Osemwegie who worked within several different NHS hospitals in the UK.

Already, the book is on Amazon and arrangements are in top gear for the book launch scheduled to hold this year in London

In the 224-page book with 19 chapters, the author gave a well detailed and concise account of her first unplanned encounter with COVID-19 patients.

Although, as a freelance nurse, she had the option of opting out of the job at the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Osemwegie who maintained that she holds the nurse profession in high esteem, decided not to let the ethics of the profession down.

Explaining further, Osemwegie noted that her actions were inspired by her favourite biblical character and namesake Esther, hence the name of the book “Called For Such A Time As This”.

On how it all began, she said “I got involved with COVID-19 patients by simply turning up for work. As I got to work, I found that the ward where I work had been made a COVID-19 Ward. I worked as a freelance nurse, which means that I could have chosen to go home based on my personal safety, but if I did, I would be letting myself and the profession down. So I chose to stick to it and after that, I continued to work with COVID-19 patients.

On her first impression, she said “my first impression was fear, the safety of the team, then followed by empathy, duty of care with my role as a nurse. I had to go back to the basis on why I chose to be a nurse.”



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