Sanction Trump, Other Top Officials

Nigeria and other African nations have been urged to impose sanctions on immediate past U.S President, Donald Trump and top officials of his administration over worsened diplomatic relationship between the United States and the continent.

According to civil society group, All Lives Matter in Nigeria (ALMN) at a world press conference on Sunday in Abuja, this is necessary to send a strong signal to other world leaders insincere in their dealings on issues that affect Africa.

Recall that China, on Wednesday, slapped sanctions on 28 former Trump administration officials including his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In his address, Comrade Bonaventure Maduka Director, Public Enlightenment, said Trump was insincere with Africa and most of his policies were targeted at Nigeria and against the country’s socio-economic growth.

Maduka revealed that the imposition of a travel ban on Nigerians and blacklist for alleged religious freedom violation is a clear example of his anti-Nigeria policies.

The All Lives Matter in Nigeria, therefore, called om Nigerian authorities to issue an executive order imposing travel bans and business restrictions on some of Trump’s top allies.

The group noted that the U.S instead of extending support to Nigeria in the war against terrorism and other militancy acts, the past administration propagated a narrative that almost sparked an ethnoreligious crisis in the country.

The All Lives Movement in Nigeria, however, charged all African nations to be united against Trump in protest of his egregious policies that stifled socio-economic growth and development in the continent.

While welcoming the travel ban reversal by Joe Biden, the group hoped that this would trigger a diplomatic turnaround in the relationship between Nigeria and the United States.

It added that it expects Biden to give Nigeria its pride of place amongst the comity of nations and upturn the obnoxious policies of the Trump administration.

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