Nigerian Celebrities Who Survived COVID-19

Since the deadly coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19 that has claimed millions of lives hit Nigeria, many celebrities have felt the pinch on their skin. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM looks at some top Nigeria celebrities who almost shutdown because of the virus.


The coronavirus disease(COVID-19) which started in 2019 is a communicable respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus that causes illness in humans.

Scientists are still learning about the disease, and think that the virus began in animals. At some point, one or more humans acquired infection from an animal, and those infected humans began transmitting infection to other humans.

The disease spreads from person to person through infected air droplets that are projected during sneezing or coughing. It can also be transmitted when humans have contact with hands or surfaces that contain the virus and touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with the contaminated hands.


Though COVID-19 was first reported in China, but it has now spread throughout the world.


The good news is that Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has continued to be administered to people to prevent the virus, even though most people in Africa and Nigeria in particular have had to fight it with the little resources they have.

These are some of the celebrities who have been talking about the virus since infected.


Paul Okoye (musician)

Paul Okoye took to his Instagram page recently to speak about how he was infected, stating that while many believe “experience is the best teacher”, both the experience and the teacher have visited him and the “$h!t is not funny”.

He added that he had been battling with the disease for the past 10 days, and the sickness was the worst he had dealt with.

He urged everyone to stay safe and not wait for their own experience by “playing ignorance” to the disease.

“Worst sickness ever!!! …… y’all better be careful out there. If you like believe me, if you like don’t believe me, you can as well wait for your own experience by playing ignorance. Goodluck…God help us all ” he concluded.


Ali Baba (comedian)

Popular Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Hallelluya Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba, told Nigerians not to be deceived by anyone who says that COVID-19 does not exist as the virus is not only in the country but has been spreading fast.

Ali Baba took to his Instagram page recently to share a video of his experiences after he tested positive for the virus and had to spend the last Christmas and New Year in isolation, and said people who believe that the coronavirus is a scam are only living in a fool’s paradise.

The comedian narrated his experience while at the Yaba Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) COVID-19 isolation centre in Lagos, after contracting the virus and said he watched people die daily as a result of the infection.

He added that Nigerians need to heed to the protocols laid down by the Federal Government and the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC), as it has become necessary amid a second wave of the pandemic which he says is deadlier than the first.

“The second wave of COVID-19 is deadlier than the one before. People are dying; pastors, doctors, professors, billionaires, poor men, less privileged; people are dying every day. Those numbers you see are not fake.

“I have spoken with people who attended parties and died two days later. COVID-19 is real, don’t let anyone deceive you. Anyone who tells you COVID-19 is scam, don’t trust the person.

“Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a scam. I just came out of isolation. Several people died while I was there. Some of my close friends knew and they were very supportive,” he pleaded.


Peter Okoye(musician)

Peter Okoye shocked millions of Nigerians when he revealed that he had been infected with coronavirus. The music star made the revelation via his Instagram page on Saturday, June 27, 2020.


Chioma Avril Rowland( Davido’s girlfriend)

Nigerian music star, Davido, was the first to break the news about his partner, Chioma Avril Rowland’s, positive test for COVID-19. The music star shared the info on Friday, March 27, 2020, via his Instagram page. But after the test, only Chioma’s result came back positive. Just like the other guys on this list, she has since recovered from the disease



Nigerian veteran singer, Olalekan Fadeyi popularly known as Azadus, made waves in the early 2000s. He was one of the pioneers of the modern-day Nigerian music industry. After a few years in the industry, not much was heard about the singer until 2020 when he tested positive for COVID-19. Although he has since recovered, the experience he had would never fade away so soon

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