My Projections For 2021 —Ambsrowan, online fashion influencer

By Our Correspondent

Soon-to-be fashion label owner, Amber Rowan, popularly known online as Ambsrowan has explained how the year 2020 has helped to midwife her transformation from a blogger to a business owner.
“Confidence to start was my biggest challenge,” she said. “I have always had a fear of being accepted by others and I worried so much about what others think. However, the big changes in our daily lives during 2020 as we were going through difficult times made us focus more on ourselves rather than getting so involved in others’ actions.”
She continued: “During the lockdown I found life without the gym very difficult. I then use the boredom as motivation to find something to look forward to, so I began to shop online for new activewear and from there I started to research materials for my own brand.”

Now Ambsrowan, who has a bachelor degree in Business Management, avowed that she has
“finalised plans and designs of my activewear collection I plan to launch this year.”
She further disclosed: “My future plans are to broaden my collection either within the fitness industry or expanding into loungewear fashion.”

Ambsrowan, who defined her fashion style as either “very casual” or “very dressed up” explained that she, however, prefers a feminine style with tomboy flair.
Asked to name her most valuable fashion accessories, she said: “My handbag and shoe collection are valuable fashion accessories. I can tell a lot by someone’s handbag and shoes & they are important to really make a statement no matter what you’re wearing.”

Of her projections for 2021, she outlined: “Launching my activewear collection, making a statement in that industry, being more creative with social media posts and concentrating on driving that growth.”

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