Leave Nigerian Armed Forces Alone,  Rights Groups Tasks Foreign Organisation

The Congress for Human Rights in Nigeria (CHRN) has told international organisations to steer clear of the Armed Forces of Nigeria for taking side with Boko Haram terrorists.

The human rights group, which made this known at a world press conference on Monday in Lagos, noted that these groups aim to destroy the country and erode the gains made in the war against terrorism and insurgency.

In his address, Executive Director, Comrade Lawal Johnson said the international organisations have always turned blind eyes to the many atrocities of Boko Haram terrorists.

Comrade Johnson said they tend to look the other way each time the terrorists attack and wreak havoc on either the military or civilian population.

He, however, added that when the military infiltrates the ranks of these terrorists and neutralise their members, the ICC and Amnesty would immediately raise the red flag alleging all manners of human rights abuses which are most times fabricated to suit their aims of perpetrating or sustaining mayhem in Nigeria.

Having noticed the tendency of these organisations to side with the enemies, Johnson stated that politicians have keyed into the process and begun to use them to pursue their subversive agenda.

According to the rights group, there are indications that the ICC is about to release a report to indict Nigeria military chiefs based on fictitious allegations.

The plot, Johnson noted is to compel troops to abandon the armed forces and go AWOL for fear of being prosecuted at The Hague.

The CHRN, therefore, warned both groups to take their fallacies elsewhere and leave Nigeria alone.

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