Josephine Anumbor Wants Women In Entertainment To Pray For Nigeria

Popular musician, movie maker and president, Love to the world initiative, Dr Josephine Anumbor Abraham, has called on women all over the country, to pray for peace in Nigeria.

Abraham who made this known in an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP stressed that the pictures of energetic young men carrying out destruction and looting properties in various parts of Nigeria currently is very disturbing calling on her female colleagues to join hands with her to pray fervently for the country as she noted that “Painfully, they were once babies born by women. As women, we are care givers, we are nurses, we are teachers, and we are burden bearers. That is why we hurt most whenever the nation is unstable.”

She said, ” My heart goes out to families who have lost their loved ones, especially mothers. Women and children are worst hit in the midst of crises.

“Everyone in leadership is born by a woman. Let’s pray for our sons, our husbands, our fathers, our uncles our nephews, our cousins and our in-laws. Let’s ask God for wisdom to enable them resolve all the issues peacefully.

“Let us pray for the healing of every wound. Let’s pray for the wisdom of God upon all people in authority in these trying times for God’s guidance” she begged, calling on all women in entertainment to organise themselves in their various states and circles to pray using songs, sounds and instruments.

“Let’s pray for our nation. I believe strongly that Nigeria will be great again.”



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