Jesse McInnes Reveals The Mental Thought Process of A Winner


It is critical to adapt and constantly innovate to be in line with the times for becoming successful in any industry. Australian entrepreneur and crypto investor Jesse McInnes knows all too well about this. Here, he shares what the thought process of a winner looks like.

Jesse McInnes is a 22-year-old investor in cryptocurrency and founder of the digital marketing agency IG Flourish. Jesse has gone on to become extremely successful in both industries, leveraging the power of his intuition, knowledge, and hard work.

Jesse McInnes started investing in Bitcoin as early as 2013. Having abundant knowledge about the crypto world, he mentors many aspiring investors to achieve their goals in the industry. Jesse knows that it takes time and expertise to become successful in the crypto world; thus, he offers his valuable knowledge and expertise to help budding investors. On his best day, Jesse made an impressive $120,000 through crypto.

Jesse McInnes’ other business is a digital marketing agency that focuses on Instagram growth for businesses and individuals. At just 21 years old, he scaled this business to a net worth of over $1 million. With this, he purchased his first supercar, an Audi R8, and his dream home by age 22. Having scaled his digital marketing agency to 7 figures and built an impressive crypto investment portfolio, Jesse McInnes can undoubtedly be considered as a “winner.”

Jesse reveals that he achieved all this by always staying focused, constantly adapting, and having a clear and focussed vision. Due to Instagram’s algorithm continually changing, Jesse and his agency are also constantly adapting and innovating.

Through this ability and mindset to adapt to the changing times, Jesse McInnes has managed to make a name for himself in the industry. He believes that anyone can achieve their goals and replicate his success by having a strong will and clarity of mental thought process.


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