Ignore Calls For Secession, Group Urges Buhari


The No Alternative to Buhari-Osinbajo 2019 (NATBO 2019) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore calls for secession and self-determination.

It said as the Buhari administration begins its homeward journey, Nigeria has witnessed as never before all manner of agitations and clamour for self-determination or secession.

The group, in a statement by its national coordinator, Vincent G Uba, said the current administration has witnessed negative criticisms, most of which are based on half-truths, selfish political motives and propaganda in the most crude form.

NATBO 2019 noted that judgement of President Buhari’s performance has not been based on comparative cost analysis, but on deceptive and warped grounds.

Uba said a fair and just judgement of President Buhari’s performance should have taken into cognisance what he met on ground at inception in 2015 on the one hand.

He said, “Even those at the centre of this clamour know that should the mantle of leadership of this country fall on their laps, they will never watch Nigeria disintegrate.

“Our dear President Buhari will be the last person to give in for this worthless and senseless clamour for session or self-determination.

“Those who clamour for restructuring, constitutional amendment or referendum should channel their cases to the National and State Assemblies who are elected representatives of the people and are the right organs to look into the appropriateness or otherwise of these agitations.

“The president of the country has no hands in this and so should not be dragged into considering these agitations.

“The No Alternative To Buhari-Osinbajo 2019 (NATBO 2019), having objectively and critically analysed President Buhari’s administration, categorically and unequivocally rate it higher in terms of governance performance and so pass a resounding vote of confidence on the president.

“Our conclusion is based on what the administration met on the ground in 2015, together with the major global crisis of oil glut in 2016 and the current Covid-19 pandemic.”


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