I Haven’t Been Wooed The Way I Want – Rutex


Ruth Emmanuel also known as Rutex (The #QueenKing) hails from Benue State but was born and bred in Abuja Nigeria. The graduate of English and Literature from Kogi State university loves people and loves to be loved. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, the enchanting petit songstress tells us what she’s been up to


What’s been happening with Rutex?

Nothing much has been happening with Rutex. It’s just been music and more music…all day every day. I’m always in the studio writing songs, working on new projects, welcoming new ideas and recreating old work researching/studying better ways to keep my fans (Rutexians) entertained and also gain more fans (laughs). Earlier this year, I released my debut single for 2020 titled “Biyayya”. The song was produced by Sammy Gyang. If you know Rutex, and you listen to all my songs, you would definitely categorize me under versatile artiste. Yes I’m a versatile artiste. Since the year was just getting started, I decided to dive into what is called conscious music, being grateful to God for 2019 and hoping that 2020 will be greater. Birth the song “Biyayya” the song is all about gratitude to God. The song was much appreciated. Seeing people posting and reposting my song, appreciating and getting entertained by my God-given talent encourages me to do more. My second single for the year “Dada” was released 10 May 2020. The song was originally schedule to be released on February 14 since is a love song, due to some set back, my team and I decided to shift the release date. The song was released alongside the music video which I call a movie (laughs). The music video has the most view on my VEVO channel (RutexVEVO) and still counting. The song titled “Dada” was produced by Elmore, visuals by Stanzevisuals.


You recently dropped “Nwendidi”, what reaction has the song received?

One word for my recently released single (Nwendidi) is “wow” this song just wowed me (laughing…)I wrote the song when life was really testing me , but I never had enough courage to record the song in the studio because I was more focused on being a commercial artiste.

I wasn’t expecting so much from the song, I only wanted to sing from my heart to empathize with what is going on in the country and the world at large.

2020 has been a roller coaster for humanity, the plague, the storm, the riots, the killings and all that. It hurts me to see my country in agony. Music is the universal language of mankind. Where words fail, music speaks.


What’s your take on the #EndSars protest embarked by the Nigerians youths and musicians?

Talking about the #EndSars protest embarked upon by the Nigerian youths and musician, and looking at everything happening on social media; I became so speechless and the only way I could lend my voice is through music. “Nwendidi ogadinma” in Igbo means be patient it shall be well. For patience is a virtue. And I’m using this medium to let every Nigerian youth and everyone going through hardships to know that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. “Nwendidi ogadinma” (be patient, it will be well) Nigeria will be great again. I’m proud of my generation, I’m proud to be born in this generation. Looking at the way the youths handled the #EndSars protest, creating awareness all over the world, I know the future of Nigeria is great and we will do better than our predecessors. And of course I’m not talking about the hoodlums that later hijacked the protest. I am talking about the peaceful protesters. All we want is a better Nigeria. So help us God.


Have you ever known that you would excel in this industry?

I would say I’ve always been in the entertainment industry…I don’t know how I got into it, but I was born with it and that is why I can’t run away from it. Music is part of me and would forever be part of me…. Without music, life would be blank to me. That is why I use music as a medium to express myself and put my emotions out, by so doing, I’m also entertaining people and at the same time, reaching out to people going through similar experience in life.


Who is or are your strongest influence before and after you delved into music?


Talking about my strongest influence in music, my strongest influence has always been Beyoncé. I love her energy towards the entertainment world. I love her consistency over the years and I aspire to be like her.


The entertainment industry is filled with young artistes. How have you been coping with the stiff competition?


Yes, the entertainment industry is filled with young and talented artistes but one thing I always have at the back of my mind is “I’m an original and that’s perfection in itself”. Each day, I strive hard to be better than yesterday and I try not to lose focus.


Have you finally found your heartthrob? Most new generation artistes don’t really want one from their get-go because they look forward to bigger catch when they finally become famous. So how is your love life?


No, I’m not in a relationship and I’m not of the notion that I have to get famous to get a bigger catch. I’m simply not in a relationship because I haven’t been wooed the way I want to be wooed… and please don’t ask me to tell you how I want to be wooed because I’m not letting out my secrets (laughs). But on a serious note, I believe in love and I want love to happen like magic… when that happens I’ll definitely be in a relationship.

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