How Tigran Gertz Built His YouTube Empire

By Our Correspondent

From mowing lawns at 16 to being an online mentor in 2020, Tigran Gertz has changed his life by chasing success. “This is something I have been doing since I was 16 years old… [My] YouTube was inspired by other channels and the biggest problem YouTube solved for me was customers knowing [I] could do the job. Since I was young and had little experience, I decided to start making time lapse videos of projects and posting on YouTube for customers to see them. Wasn’t planning on having an audience…”

Gertz’s audience is what gave him the exposure needed to scale his landscaping business from a side gig to a company. This is reflected when Gertz states what his biggest obstacles have been. “Obscurity. If people don’t know me, they will never do business with me. I need the entire planet to know my name. Attention is the new currency.”

This currency pays him well and Gertz plans on only getting bigger. “Success means winning. If you’re not first you’re last. No one remembers that person that almost won. Be #1. Worst thing that will happen is you fail. However, you can never fail if you don’t give up.” Gertz had been able to use his YouTube platform as the catalyst for his next big project; being an online mentor. “Next project is to get my Landscaping mentorship group to 1000 members.” There Gertz addresses the biggest problems he sees his students facing. “Stop thinking about starting your business. I get Instagram Dm’s all the time. ‘Hey T I’m thinking about starting a landscaping business. Do you have any advice for me?’ My answer is always the same. STOP THINKING.”

Gertz’s plan to increase his student group comes with an extra bonus. “I will be giving away 20 per cent of the monthly revenue to members through equipment. Such as skid steers, Trailers, trucks and other essential tools.”

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