Ethnic Youths Alert On Diversion, Sabotage Of Nigeria’s Crude Oil

By Jonathan Nda-Isaiah,

Ethnic youth leaders have raised the alarm over the diversion and sabotage of Nigeria’s crude oil by Shell Petroleum Limited.

In a press conference in Abuja, the council, which is made up of the Arewa Consultative Youth Movement, Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Youth Movement, Niger Delta Youth Council, Oduduwa Youths and Middle Belt Youths, stated that it is a known fact that Nigeria can be correctly referred to as a
mono economy.

President middle belts youth council, Godwin Meliga who read the speech on behalf of the council further explained that crude oil is the major source of revenue and indeed foreign exchange is from the oil and gas sector.

According to him, anything that affects this sector negatively affects the entire economy and threatens the life of the poorest homes in our country.

He further stated that when revenue drops, government will be unable to execute the beautiful projects in the budget and this ultimately reflects in the state of the nation as government will be unable to discharge its function and responsibilities to the citizens.

He said, “In the oil sector, government has over the years tried its best to increase local content by encouraging indigenous companies to enable them play significant roles particularly in the upstream sector which was hitherto totally controlled by International Oil Companies.

“The absence of Nigerian players in this sector meant that there was likelihood that Nigeria will be ripped off by some of the international oil companies for their own benefits or even those of their parent countries.

“This is particularly the case of Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited, Shell Western Supply and Trading Limited, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited and their parent company Royal Dutch Shell Plc, all of which operate in and around the Nigerian Oil sector in different forms and arrangements.

“For the purpose of this text and for the convenience of its understanding, we shall be referring to these companies as Shell to represent each and all of the entities and their interests,” he stated.


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