Curbing Crime Rates In FCT, The Bala Ciroma Example

By Abdul Jelil Adebayo  |

There have been several commissioners of police in FCT, many came did what they felt they could and have left, but with the arrival of Bala Ciroma on July 19 th, 2018, FCT police know that a shrewd crack detective has come to effect changes in curbing crime rates to the barest minimum.

Ciroma before his appointment as FCT commissioner of police was hitherto the former deputy commissioner in charge of operations in FCT. And before then he was deputy in plateau state.

An indigene from Yobe State, Ciroma who had his primary and secondary education in Lagos and Kaduna graduated with a Bachelor degree in Geography from University of Maiduguri. He joined police service as a cadet assistant superintendent of police.

Before his arrival, FCT was notorious for different crimes, including what is generally referred to as“ one chance“.

Some of the residents of Abuja were victims of one chance. One chance was where an innocent passenger board taxi cars within the territory. The vehicle would always have criminals in the taxi, including of course the drivers, leaving a seat for their victims. Any innocent victim on hearing the conductor or agbero shouting one chance remaining would board and after some drive from the point of entering/ boarding, would divert from the route and Rob their victims with ease.

After robbing, they either push their victims from the moving vehicle or drop such victims in isolated area, for such to find his bearing. So when Ciroma came on board as the CP, he made up his mind to put an end to the menace.

He set up anti one chance squad unit within the FCT command. And as of today, one chance has become history. The squad has succeeded in restoring confidence in the FCT Police command.

Not only that, before now and the trend in some states has been kidnapping. Disturbed by the trend, Ciroma insisted Abuja must not be a haven for these criminals. He also established anti kidnapping squad within the command. All the kidnappers in the Kuje, Kwali, Abaji have been decimated and residents heaved sigh of relief. By today, kidnapping is a phrase that is not associated with FCT. Thanks to the ingenuity of Bala Ciroma as commissioner of police.

What about the herders/ farmers clashes that have become the norm in most states of the federation.

A round table dialogue was held among the leaders of the herders, farmers and stakeholders in the affected communities in FCT. It was agreed that if herds were allowed due to carelessness to destroyed any farmland, the owners of the cattle would bear the cost of damages to the crops in the farms.

And with this agreement in place, peace is reigning among the different hostile communities and the herders in FCT.

Other areas of crime that Ciroma has been able to curtail include car snatching. Before now, it was common occurrence for exquisite flashing cars to be stollen from Abuja and driven far away to neighbouring states by thieves and armed robbers.

That was then, until Ciroma established anti car theft squad in the FCT command. He is also ensuring that the vigilance groupings are encouraged such as community policing.

And by today, the residents of Abuja are calling on other state police commissioners to emulate Bala Ciroma.

The police workforce in Abuja are also motivated to put in their best.

With all these strategies put in place, the job of the delectable command  public relations officer, Mariam Yusuf, assistant superintendent of police is made easier. She doesn‘t have to be issuing press statements on how the command would arrest and prosecute, since the command under the able leadership of Ciroma is proactive as all hands are on deck to provide safety for residents of Abuja to enable them sleep with their two eyes closed with ease.

Whatever anyone may say, FCT Police is shoulder high in performance compared to other commands in same categories, such as Lagos, Kaduna, Rivers and Kano commands.


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