KWAM1’s Wife, Titi tells why she doesn’t monitor him with other women

Faithia Titilola Marshall, the wife of  popular Fuji maestro, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshal aka KWAM 1 De Ultimate has opened up on their marriage of 8 years and how she copes with the other women in his life and more.

Ina recent chat with Kemi Ashefon, Kwam 1‘s wife, Titi Marshall disclosed that her home’s a peaceful one and she is not ready to let go of that peace.

“Marrying Alhaji didn’t change anything about me because I’ve always been a home girl. He has always said I am who he had always prayed for—a home girl. Alhaji knows my pedigree, he knows how my parents brought me up and would always vouch for me that I can never misbehave.  I am not a socialite and I don’t hop from one party to the other.

The first quality my husband saw in me is the fact that I am a home girl. There is nothing you would tell me about my husband or other women that I would believe or refer to it with him at home. I have been able to balance that aspect of my life well. My husband respects me, doesn’t bring a woman home and has never entertained any woman in our home. Moreso, he respects me in public. If he’s performing at any event that I am present,  he respects me and showers accolades on me.

He is not a husband you find at home always. He is a musician and travels a lot.  But Alhaji is a caring husband and takes care of his children without fail.  The first lesson in my marriage to him is obedience—I obey his instructions to the letter. He would tell me there are some places he doesn’t want to see me or that I should not attend certain events, I obey him because that’s the price to pay for marrying someone that is famous. That’s why we have stayed scandal-free all these years.

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Fortunately for me, my life is a boring one—I wake up early, have my prayers, take care of my kids, do school runs and I come to the shop. I don’t have a very viable social life. If you see me at parties, that person must be very close to me. I do this because of the man I am married to. He has always wanted a woman like me— peaceful and one who would not upset or embarrass him in public. He has always wanted a hardworking woman, that wouldn’t tarnish his image.

He said he prayed for this and that was what God gave him in Ope (he calls me Ope). If anything happens, I hardly get angry and he is comfortable with the way I handle things. He is  a musician and always on the move. He knew he needed someone like me to keep his home and that I’ve done over the years. We have been married for over eight years. He would always proudly tell people, ‘Ope doesn’t get angry or fight.’ Really, I can’t afford to tarnish his image because he has never embarrassed me in any way too.”

When asked about the other women in his life, Kwam 1’s wife said “Truth be told, I don’t know anything about other women who had kids for him. I never met any woman in his life when we met. Alhaji never talks to me about any woman. We have been married for over eight years and he doesn’t discuss other women with  me.

KWAM1s Wife Titi tells why she doesnt monitor him with
Kwam 1 rumoured lovers

I am very cool with his kids. On my birthday, many of the children called me to wish me well. I don’t have any problem with any of his kids and we are one cool family.

I am so close to one of them that I even call her up to help stay with my kids whenever I am not around. During Ileya, we are all in Ijebu to celebrate. I do all the cooking and hosts guests. The kids call me whenever they need anything from their dad and I help them secure such requests. I am a mother and I believe all his kids are mine too. 

There is a difference between being married to someone and having kids for him. People didn’t know we were married for a long while. We did Nikkah.  Before the news broke out that K1 had a new wife, we had done Nikkah. The registry wedding in Ijebu three years ago was a move from him. He must have felt that what else would he do to such a respectful and submissive wife like Ope? 

I am very submissive to him and would not question his authority. Alhaji would call me and tell me to  prepare his favourite meal and any of his Assistants would come and pick it up from home. I might not even know where he would be calling from but I would prepare the food and call him whenever its ready.

Don’t forget that Alhaji is 63 years old. For his age, he is good-looking, a popular musician who is always on the move. I know he has a lot of crushes! A popular musician  with many women as clients should not have a wife that gets jealous or want to fight other women. Why would I fight him over any issue especially women? Why should I be monitoring him, or any woman? A lot of women have lost marriages due to jealousy and lack of tolerance. Mind you, not that I don’t get angry but I am reasonable in my actions. I don’t discuss my husband with my friends no matter how close we are.

Running His Businesses

You cannot be married to  a man like Alhaji KWAM1 and not be smart. He expects you to do things as if he was there with you. He is a very good husband who has made me smart and industrious That’s another aspect of my life most people don’t know. He has is a restaurant( Tea & Coffee Shop) and a bakery (Anjola Bread) and I help with the supervision of these outfits.

Sustaining Power

Prayers have sustained me. Alhaji would tell you that, ‘Ope, my wife is very prayerful.’ I pray a lot. I wake 5am to pray. I pray five times daily. My lifestyle is unique, forget the celebrity profile, I pray five times daily. If anything wants to overwhelm me, I turn to God in prayers.


I don’t have many friends. I have just five best friends and other people I talk to and relate with but my circle is small. I believe that for longer life span, peace of mind and a lasting marriage, stay away from many friends.

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