‘After 14 years in service, my salary is #64,000’ -Nigerian policeman narrates sad ordeal with government

An unidentified Nigerian policeman has revealed that he gets paid #64,000 monthly despite serving the government for 14 years.

According to the sergeant, he joined the Force in 2006 and had his first child in 2017 and now has four kids. The policeman mentioned that his salary for a few years was N8,000 and later N12,000.

“I am not happy about the situation of this country. My wife is protesting. I cannot be there but when she told me she wanted to go, I didn’t stop her because the situation affects her. After 14 years in service, I am still collecting N64,000 per month. Not just me, others in my set too collect the same salary. It doesn’t cover anything. I have four kids, I am paying rent, school fees, feeding my family. We buy our uniform, others can confirm this. My beret is N4,500; the buttons on the shirt is N3,000; the full Khaki is N8,000; you have to buy your rank logo N600; sewing is N3,000; Boot 18,000,”

The police man also revealed that they are usually left to take care of expenses after postings to commands and formations.

“Most times, they tell you to resume within 3 days to 1 week, without accommodation and financial assistance to relocate. The issues are too many. Do you know we go to buy the paper used for complaints at police stations? Paper!” he fumed.

When asked to comment on welfare support for ailing and deceased officers, the policeman shook his head in regret. He said

“If any of us die, we usually make contributions to assist the family because they may not get anything for years. Imagine! Somebody that died serving his fatherland. We have seen cases where superiors demand for s.e.x from the widows.”

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