U.S Election: Trump Predicts Electoral Outcome | Independent Newspapers Nigeria

U.S. President Donald Trump says he believes his large rally crowds during his fast-paced weeks of campaigning are the “ultimate poll” and translate into a lot of votes for his reelection.

Trump told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday he will spend Election Day making phone calls to people who have been loyal to him.

Trump took a swipe at Fox News saying it gave Biden too much airtime and that “in the old days they wouldn’t put on Sleepy Joe every time he had opened his mouth. They had other networks for that, frankly.” Host Brian Kilmeade argued that Fox News was just trying to “show both sides.”

Trump said he would declare himself the winner of the election “Only when there’s victory.” There has been concern that Trump will declare victory early — before vote counts are definitive. But the Republican president told Fox there’s no reason to “play games.” He says he thinks he has a “very solid chance at winning.”

Trump discussed his 2016 win, saying, “I ended up with 306. That was good numbers. 223 to 306 and that was — that was a big number,” Trump added, “And I think we will top it. I’ll leave it at that. I think we’ll top it. I think we’ll get better. People appreciate the job that we’ve done.”

Trump also says he understands why businesses are boarding up their storefronts but thinks it’s very sad they feel the need to do it. He predicts that if there is violence and unrest, it will be in Democratically run cities like Chicago; New York; Portland, Oregon; Oakland, California; and Baltimore and blames “weak leadership.”

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