#EndSARS Protest A Confirmation Of My Earlier View On Buhari- Obule | Independent Newspapers Nigeria

c, the Delta State Coordinator of PDP Mobilizers of Nigeria has stated that the #EndSARS Protest which erupted nationwide with the masses describing the central government not to be effective in control of affairs of the nation is a pointer to his earlier assertions that President Buhari is indeed clueless on the way to steer the ship of the Nigerian State.

Comrade Obule who spoke via a WhatsApp message remarked that with this kind of story about the president’s inadequacies, who is ordinarily supposed to be in charge of the APC led federal government, “It shows clearly that my earlier statements are true, because he’s the only one who can help save this country with good policy and programs that will better the lives of our people and our economy.”

Comrade Obule who apparently referred to the publications of pastor Adewale Giwa of Waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, which described President Buhari as weak and inefficient said: “Let me also stress that Nigerians, like a man marrying two wives, have come to know that PDP is better after testing the APC which have nothing to offer hence the clamour to return power to the PDP come 2023.”

He advised all members of the PDP Mobilizers thus: “We must remain resolute in our resolve to restore the lost glory of our great party, the PDP, by ensuring that we take over power through the ballot, in a free and credible election”, adding that the body language of Nigerians is clear that they are fed up of the APC led federal government. “

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