You’re Lazy That’s Why You Attributes My Richness To “Sakawa” – Okese1 To Ghanaians

Ghanaian Hip-Life artist Frank Nana Okese Afranie widely known as Okese1 has urged the teaming youth to stop attributing his wealth to “Sakawa” because his wealth is as a result of hard work.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Cape-Coast based Kastle FM and monitored by, Okese1 noted that, anyone who doesn’t work hard to make money but blames others for doing Sakawa would only remain poor for the rest of their lives.

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“To be frank there is nothing like using Sakawa to make money. If you don’t hustle hard to make money and you use sakawa as an excuse then you’ll sit home poor for a long time. It is your hardness that determines your survival,” he remarked on Kastle Drive.

During his tour of the ancient capital of Cape Coast, Okese1 said every man must learn to hustle to make enough money in a genuine manner.

“As a man in the first place you have to hustle for the money. And you have to device a means of making money but it shouldn’t be through using unscrupulous means. So if you sit and consider what suits you best then you embark on it to make some money,” he concluded.

Not long ago, Okese1 was reported to have spent close to GHS43,000 on 23 bottles of a very expensive champagne, 7 bottles of exotic drink and Aces of Spades at a popular nightclub, Oasis which is owned by popular Ghanaian rapper, D-Black.

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