We have Lost Our Way as Black People

Ghanaian musical duo made up of identical twin brothers, Dopenation have intimated that the black race has lost its way.

Sharing their thoughts on twitter trending hashtag, #Fixthecountry and counter hashtag #Fixyourself, the duo explained that to be having this conversation at this stage of our national life basically expresses how lost we are as a people.

They further underscored that Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah would be disappointed to hear Ghanaians have this conversation today because leaders after him have done a poor job at fixing the country.

 “…we have not been fixed for a long time, if Kwame Nkrumah were to be alive, he would gotten a cane to lash us. There is a lot we have lost our way as black people… and it reflects in our lifestyle. We don’t even eat our own chocolates these days, we don’t consume our own music these days, everything is now foreign… so why is it that it’s now that we are realizing what has already been lost?”, they quizzed.

They added that if the populace is requesting leaders to fix the country and the government is also requesting that the citizenry fix themselves, then they both probably need fixing.

“If they are saying we should fix ourselves, and we are also saying they should fix the country, then why don’t we just do both?”, they said.

The music duo made up of B2 and Twist made these assertions in an interview with Ato Kwamina Otoo D’Gem on Connect FM in Takoradi to promote their latest single ‘Today’.

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