Watchman Who Was Unjustly Sentenced To Prison For 8yrs After He Injured An Intruder With His Catapult Shares His Story

A Ghanaian man, amidst tears, has shared a sad tale of how he was unjustly sentenced to 8yrs after he injured an intruder with his catapult.

The emotional story which was first shared on Facebook by Hypes Media, tells the story of Charles Ayisala (a watchman) whose fate with the discriminatory legislation we have in t his country that seems to entangle only the poor and vulnerable, saw him almost rotting in jail, if not for the intervention of Crime Check.

Crime Check is a crime prevention advocacy organization that uses Life in Prison Documentaries to sensitize the public to the dangers of crime.

Read the full story as shared by Hypes Media;

“Charles Ayisala, a watchman is serving an 8yr prison sentence for using a catapult to cause harm to an intruder. The educated intruder sneaked into one of the rooms Ayisala was keeping watch over and shit on the floor. When Ayisala approached the man to find out why he had to do that, a fight ensued.

According to the watchman, the heavily built intruder held his throat and nearly strangled him to death. Fearing for his life, he struck a shot with the catapult which unfortunately hit the intruder’s eye. The uneducated Ayisala who earns 150gh a month on his job, could not hire the services of a lawyer when he was dragged to court.

He was asked to pay six thousand two hundred cedis to the state and three thousand cedis to the intruder or in default serve 8yrs in prison. He couldn’t pay. His boss whom he has served diligently over the years did not pay for him either.

Amidst tears from Ayisala, his wife and five kids, the forty six year old watchman had to face the world alone at his new destination in prison. After serving four years in jail, good samaritan Ali Ibrahim gave us money to pay Ayisala’s fine. He could not but weep when I broke the news to him. Mr. Ali Ibrahim, may the Almighty Allah richly bless you. May you never lack.

Let’s help bring out more Ayisalas from prison. They don’t deserve to be in jail.”

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