Photo Of A Lady Kneeling As Her Fiancé Proposes To Her Ellicit Mixed Reactions From Netizens

The normal tradition during a love proposal is for the man to go down on his knees with a shiny expensive ring symbolizing his heart to ask his lady if she’s interested in spending the rest of her life with him.

However, an unknown lady has subverted this customary way of this agelong tradition as she rather goes down on her knees and accepts the ring from her man thereby eliciting interesting comments from all angles on social media.

A Nigerian medical doctor decided to share his two cents about the photo by stating without mincing words that that’s how it supposed to be instead of men going down on their knees and making the proposal.

Ultimately, respondents to this post say the culture of men going down on their knees and proposing to women is alien to African as they applaud the unnamed lady in the photo together with her man for setting a new pace.


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