Lizzy Anjorin Reveals How She Instead On Abortion And Opted For Surrogacy When She Got Pregnant

Actress Lizzy Anjorin has revealed that she once opted for surrogacy and wanted to have an abortion when she found out that she was pregnant but was tricked by her husband and doctor.

Lizzy Anjorin sharing her story to commemorate today’s mother’s day celebration said she wanted to have her child through surrogacy so her life and business don’t need to be put on hold for 9 months when she gets pregnant herself.

According to her, her husband and doctor tricked her into keeping the pregnancy when she found out she was pregnant and wanted to abort the baby but then they delayed the process until she was 5 months gone, and then she decided to keep it.

Lizzy Anjorin also disclosed that initially she was told she had no womb when she went to the hospital with her husband for some test to be sure whether they could go through the surrogacy but then found out she was pregnant.

To her, the news of being pregnant wasn’t pleasant to her because she was scared of being on standstill for 9 months but then her husband was so happy to have a child with her and his happiness was even more than her.

With all that she planned of aborting her baby and going in for surrogacy because of her life and business didn’t come to pass because she was tricked by her husband and doctor but today she’s happy for having her own child.

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