Keche Andrew Speaks On How People Intend To Separate Him And His Partner

Ghanaian singer and member of the Keche music group, Keche Andrew has revealed that people intend to break him away from his partner, Keche Joshua, convincing him to start his own music career.

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In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM, Keche Andrew acknowledged the fact that there have been many music groups in the music industry but for some reason or the other, they couldn’t continue.

“All the things that normally separate music groups we are told are women, money and this person is better than the other group member. As for Keche we are always told these things but we continue to do the right thing for the group,” he said.

He said that many people have been telling him to quit the group because he is the writer of all their songs so he can be alone and still be great. He said he always informs his partner about the perception of some people about the group.

“Some people do tell me that Andrew you’re the one that writes all the good songs for Keche music group so you can do better if you are alone. But when they tell me I don’t utter a word and after they leave I do call Joshua to tell him this person said I’m better than you so I should quit the group,” he added.

“So I do advise him to be very careful of such treacherous people and do stay away from them. We’ve faced all these things before and then it’s very difficult to build a strong group or music label like Keche that Africa and the world has accepted us,” he continued.

Keche Andrew stated clearly that despite their disagreements on issues, nothing can separate them from each other.

“You don’t even know the hustle we went through to put the group Keche together to last all these years to be where we are right now. So a woman or money or whatever can never can put us asunder and we’re matured of course,” he said.

He concluded by saying that even when there have their differences, they do come together as professional musicians and work as one because that is what brings them income.


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