Pastors on evangelical mission should stop travelling in vehicles with church/mosque names and symbols -Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has given advice to Nigerian religious leaders on how to avoid being abducted by kidnappers.

Senator Shehu Sani believes that, given the recent increase in kidnappings of people on pastoral or evangelical missions along Nigerian highways, it is not advisable to drive or move about in vehicles bearing the inscriptions of their churches, mosques, or other religious institutions.

Because of the increase in cases of kidnappers targeting church members who are traveling on roads to their different areas of evangelism, Senator Shehu Sani gave this advice to evangelists and men of God who participate in evangelism.

Senator Shehu Sani claims that travelers should avoid riding in vehicles that carry the logos of their various religious groups as far as possible.

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Senator Shehu Sani noted that such symbols and logos attract unnecessary attention from kidnappers.

Kidnappers Target these evangelists because they believe that their various religious establishments will be willing to pay ransom for the release of the kidnapped persons.

Senator Shehu Sani’s argument is focused on the assumption that if kidnappers don’t see religious logos and icons on the vehicles used by church staff on pastoral missions, it would be difficult for them to be identified as possible targets.

Senator Shehu Sani’s suggestion would go a long way toward minimizing cases in which kidnappers abduct missionaries, evangelists, and other religious workers who are on evangelical missions.

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